Welcome to the Beauty Leaders vibration – the place where beauty is celebrated in all its forms!

Beauty Leaders started in 2012. Our journey transformed us into motivational promotors of beauty events organization, due to our collaboration with famous national and international professionals. Today, Beauty Leaders is a continuously developing team, having a sole principle: beauty belongs to everybody and may become spectacular if approached perfectly. For such beauty at its utmost, we provide you with all necessary instruments and resources!

Strongly connected to beauty education, we coordinate offline and online events, where important beauty artists are invited to share their secrets and offer demos to all beauty lovers, beginners or advanced.

How experienced are we?

Across time we successfully organized meetings with various collaborators within different fields. There are worth mentioning an 8-year-long collaboration with the aesthetician Dr. Morad Iancu, skin pigmentation specialist Cornelia Copăceanu, periodical meetings organized in beauty spaces, such as saloons, clinics, and academies. Also, our beauty events organized so far took place in Romanian main cities, such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, and Brasov. Harel Margalit, Sasha Nikolina, Slava Chaika, Sandra Dergunova, Dr. Morad Iancu, Cornelia Copăceanu, Tania Maxim etc. are enlisted among our most important referential collaborations.

Starting with 2020, our vision became online, also by organizing a series of inspirational sessions, addressing students willing to learn about beauty from the most known artists, anywhere and anytime. So, our mission extensively covers the needs and desires of our students, offering best quality and highly interactive sessions in the company of the most appreciated artists and professionals in industry.

Who are we addressing to?

Our platform is the place where beauty seekers may satisfy their needs, at best standards. Specific leaders in the field, ensuring top services and aimers to a leading role, willing to perfect their skills via our courses, accompanied the Beauty Leaders vibration. Do you feel that, by means of our services, you are able to emphasize beauty? If YES, we are encouraging you to join this journey of professionalism! We are open to collaborate with makeup artists, hair stylists, and specialists working in fields, such as skin pigmentation, nail beauty and fake lashes application. 

Beauty Leaders – Performance through Education!

We strongly believe that, through work, support, passion, and talent, the path to success is guaranteed! Our purpose is to ensure support to beauty lovers and, by their career development, are willing to reach a leading role in industry. Beauty Leaders platform is also a great means for beauty lovers to master their techniques, learning from the most prestigious specialists. Therefore, we integrated our Online Courses education in our platform, addressing all beauty lovers, determined to study the details about the trendiest styles, looks and approaches..

We believe in diversity and consider every artist to have his or her unique blueprint. At the same time, our priorities include beginner makeup artists. Through our courses, we put at their disposal a way of learning professional makeup techniques, using their own vision, at the same time. 

We are a team fully confident in our services and we share our experience to those on their journey to their own evolution and creative progress. Thus, we provide support anytime it is necessary, and we build a solid and time-resistant relationship with any artist enjoying our courses, even following their end.