Terms and Conditions

1. Accept the conditions of use

The beauty-leaders.com site is the trade name of S.C Victoriale S.R.L named during these terms and conditions of Beauty Leaders.

The use of this website, the services contained in it, is free of charge, subject to the observance by these visitors of these terms and conditions. As a visitor and user of the beauty-leaders.com website, you agree to be bound by these rules and you will be solely responsible for everything you do about beauty-leaders.com

Beauty Leaders reserves the right to modify at any time the structure, content and services provided by beauty-leaders.com or may suspend its operation with or without prior notice.

The rules of the beauty-leaders.com website may be changed at any time without prior notice by the users, and since these rules are always accessible on the site, you will be responsible for knowing and respecting them. Beauty Leaders reserves the right to establish additional rules for certain services of the website that will be considered as integral part of the general terms of use of beauty-leaders.com.

These rules state how users use the beauty-leaders.com website, and the relationships or possible issues that may arise are governed by applicable laws in Romania.

2. Property right

The articles (texts + images) published by Beauty Leaders are under the protection of intellectual property laws (such as – but not limited to: L8 / 1996 on copyright and related rights, L84 / 1998 on trademarks and geographical indications) . Reproduction of any written or illustrative material in these articles is strictly forbidden without the prior consent of the publisher.

The information contained in the articles published by Beauy Leaders, as well as information from the advertising banners or promotions of the contests contained in the beauty-leaders.com site are protected by the above-mentioned intellectual property laws. Visitors or members of beauty-leaders.com are not allowed to take, sell, reproduce, or distribute materials from the beauty-leaders.com site unless the material is explicitly stated otherwise by Beauty Leaders.

3. Privacy

Any personal data such as: Your name, address, telephone number or email address that you submit to the Site via email or otherwise will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy. (Access is through the site). Any other communications or materials you submit on this site, such as questions, suggestions, comments, or other such messages, will be considered as non-confidential and unprotected by specified intellectual property rights.

4. Beauty Leaders does not guarantee:

  • that the information entered by the users of the website is real, correct and does not assume responsibility for the way visitors use them;
  • that the information or services of beauty-leaders.com will meet all the requirements of the visitors and for their inappropriate use the visitors take full responsibility;
  • Beauty Leaders will not be held responsible for the results obtained by visitors as a result of using the information or services of beauty-leaders.com; the use of information and services at beauty-leaders.com is at your own risk;
  • that the services of beauty-leaders.com will work constantly, uninterrupted, error-free;
  • Beauty Leaders can not be held responsible for any damage that visitors may have due to the temporary or faulty functioning of the beauty-leaders.com site or the use of information obtained through the use of links from beauty-leaders.com to other sites (their use is at the discretion of visitors).

5. To the attention of the winners and contest participants or giveaway organized by Beauty Leaders

All contests taking place on the beauty-leaders.com site are addressed to Romanian citizens, 18 years of age (or, as the case may be, to the requirements of each regulation) and to their permanent residence in Romania.

To the attention of the winners and contest participants or give away organized by Beauty Leaders.
By participating in online contests, site users agree that their personal data be used by Beauty Leaders and sponsors of contests for statistical purposes and for the purpose of sending, awarding, and displaying winners.

Winners of a contest are drawn by lot (unless otherwise stated on the contest page) within 20 days of the end of the contest and displayed on the contest page (or other forms if specified in advance in the competition text).
Winners will be notified in advance by email at the email address mentioned in the profile on the site.

The winners in the country will be sent their prizes via the Romanian Post (as a simple postal parcel) by courier, at the address mentioned by them. Beauty Leaders are not responsible for the accuracy of postal services; shipment is done only once; if a prize is returned from the post to the headquarters of the Beauty Leaders (due to the incomplete address of the winner, the failure to dispatch the package to the post or other reasons) no additional reference is made.

In the case of prizes consisting of services, winners will be notified by email about how to contact the sponsor of the contest in order to benefit from the prize.

In the case of prizes requiring subsequent winnings by the winners of data without which the prize can not be given if the winners do not respond to e-mail requests within 2 weeks, then Beauty Leaders will consider the absence response as a refusal to accept the prize.

No prize money is awarded.
The prizes of a contest are dispatched within approximately two months of the end of the contest. Unclaimed prizes within a maximum of 2 weeks from the time of the contest are canceled. Any subsequent request is null.

No prize money is awarded.
For prizes sent by contest sponsors, Beuty Leaders will not be responsible for delivering / sending the prizes. In these cases, sponsors will only send the prizes once without the possibility of re-shipping them.
Warning: Some contests may have additional or fundamentally different rules than those mentioned above. In these cases, they will be listed in the competition regulations.

6. Limitation of liability

All disputes relating to the ownership of the prizes will not affect the principle that Beauty Leaders, also called the Campaign Promoter, will award the prize to the person who complies with the provisions of this Official Regulation. From the moment the winners receive the prizes, the Organizer no longer accepts their integrity and quality.

The products will be sent once only by courier by Beauty Leaders who assume no responsibility for their arrival at the destination.

If the Organizer finds that a winner has not fulfilled and / or has not complied with the conditions set forth in the official regulation of the respective contest / campaign, the Organizer reserves the right to suspend the rights and benefits of the winner at any time without the Organizer owing any compensation or payment of that winner. If the Organizer finds such situations after the prize has already been awarded, the winner will refund to the Organizer the amount of the prize and the associated expenses incurred by the Organizer in connection therewith.

The organizer is entitled to take all necessary measures in case of attempted system fraud, abuse or any other attempts that could affect the image or costs of Beauty Leaders. The organizer has the right to request that those persons be prosecuted in court on the basis of existing evidence.

7. Agreement

For any non-compliance with this set of rules, observation, complaint, or problem related to www.beauty-leaders.com, please contact us at [email protected]