Harel Margalit comes to Romania with Beauty Leaders

We will soon meet Harel Margalit in the masterclass organized by Beauty Leaders in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, which will take place on the 18th, respectively the 20th of February 2020. Harel Margalit is a renowned make-up artist from Israel and he accepted our invitation to come and present his techniques in a masterclass. The focus will be on bridal make-up, this being the field that has established him as an internationally renowned make-up artist.

Harel Margalit

For brides, the well-done make-up is extremely important. Hence, as a make-up artist, it is essential to know what techniques to use and how to use them in order to achieve a flawless make-up that highlights the natural beauty of the bride. What do you say? Do you believe that natural make-up is easy to achieve? Such techniques will be presented by Harel Margalit in the masterclass.

Who likes the surprises?

Harel Margalit

We have yet another amazing news for people who signed up for the masterclass organized by Beauty Leaders where Harel Margalit is invited. For Beauty Leaders, the well-provided and understood information is extremely important, hence it is the most valuable gift that we could give you. Thus, we will have once more surprise-guest at the event, who has an experience of more than 10 years in the make-up field. However, in addition to the information that we provide to our students, we also prepared a lot of surprises for you, of which we are extremely enthusiastic and satisfied. Who else is excited about finding out what the surprises are?

Who will be our partners at this masterclass?

Harel Margalit

When it comes to making flawless make-up, which is necessary especially for brides and beyond, the focus is on the complexion. Careful and thorough preparation of the skin is necessary and it involves the proper hydration. A hydrated skin ensures the perfect base for flawless make-up. There are many cosmetic products used for hydrating the skin, such as serum with hyaluronic acid and thermal water. And because we know how important is to use quality products for the preparation of skin before applying make-up, we will have the brand Synergy Therm Cosmetics as a partner at the masterclass.

Another important aspect of achieving a very beautiful and well-made make-up is the brushes used. How can an artist make an artwork without the right tools? In the make-up field, in addition to skin preparation, brushes are also included in the basic category. As long as the basis is well learned and made of quality products, the following steps are certainly much easier to achieve. As we focus on quality, we will have the Ikko brand as a partner in the masterclass.

We are ready for the great event, which we are looking forward to. Who else is just as excited and impatient?

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