Glitter is the centerpiece of 2018 festival makeup

Glitter is the centerpiece of 2018 festival makeup.

Glitter, sparkle, you can call it how you want, but almost all the girls have had a period in their lives when they wanted to have makeup with glitter, glitter nail polish, or other accessories. Okay, this probably happened at 11-12 years, after which the girls grew up and started to realize that the glitter is not used as much as they hoped when Barbie was still a major part of their life.

Melancholy after  a little bit of glitter remained in everyone’s heart. With the upcoming of more and more music festivals and eccentric outfits presented by stars, the glitter has become a must in terms of 2018 festival makeup. This to the joy of all women who adore the glow in makeup and they could not use it before, at least not without looking like a kitsch.

Fashion and glamour.

However, as fashion shows on this year’s great catwalks, prestigious fashion houses such as Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Chanel (to name just a few), the glamour does not reduce to makeup but has come to be part of also our dressing.

Why do we like the glitter and why is it the centerpiece for 2018 festival makeup?

Probably because the brightness evokes a sense of optimism and the hope that good things will come. For some, wearing a brilliant object can mean prestige; for example, a diamond ring gives a sense of power and luxury.

Diamonds has a girl’s best friend, said beautiful Marilyn Monroe, but for those of us who do not have friends from Sierra Leone we are thankful for a little sparkle in our makeup products. And what better place to display it, than a music festival where everyone can freely express their personality?

If you like the glitter, golden makeup or even makeup with metallic glow, this summer you have the opportunity to make use of them. You already know our advice: wear your outfits and makeup with confidence!

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