Festival look – Choose what suits you best!

Festival look – Choose what suits you best!

The long-awaited season of music festivals has arrived. Apart from the line-up and the festival that seems most appealing to you, there’s only one decision that’s probably going to bug you. The outfits have become almost as important as the music and the show you want to see. What festival look do you choose?

Beauty Leaders helps you review this year’s trends in choosing outfits and accessories to highlight you  at the long awaited festival.

Western look

After dominating the podium of fashion shows, rodeo-inspired items were officially declared “in” at Coachella, the renowned festival that usually sets the festival fashion trend. The basic piece are the cowboy boots, if you want an outfit inspired by John Wayne movies. You can combine them with high waist  pants or skirt, a bustier and a vest.


A hat will look super cool with your outfit. You can choose to wear a hat with almost any outfit. We like the broad look of the fedora with maxi dress or leather jacket!


If you like to risk, then this is the right look that 100% will attract all eyes on you. Bralettes made especially to be worn without a top are super trend. Such a metallic bustier fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the festival. The golden bra is really a statement piece. Put it in an outfit with some simple pants or even with a maxi skirt for a very sexy but relaxed look.

Strong colors

Choose neon color for an outfit that will make an impact. If you feel confident, try a complete colorful look. If you want to start easy, you can choose a top color, a bag or shoes.


A sporting look was promoted by many celebrities at 2018 music festivals. One of them was Kendall Jenner, who wore a pair of over sized pants with androgenic sports shoes, a short top which show a lot of her abdomen. Sexy and extremely easy to wear!

The most important thing is to choose a festival look in harmony with your personality. You will feel confident, you will have fun and you will surely attract a lot of attention!

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