Beauty: Inspiration vs Copy

Inspiration vs Copy

Beauty: Inspiration vs Copy

Do you need a miracle recipe to always look incredible? What expectations do you have when you go to a beauty salon?

Truth is, first of all, a virtue, says Steinhardt, an affirmation we all should keep in mind even when we go to a place for beauty services.

Often customers go to a beauty location with precise expectations and for them the result should be the same as the reference picture. The reality is that, most of the time, that haircut, hair color or eyebrow shape is not exactly ideal for the person’s hair or hair type. If the result is indeed the same as the picture taken, it is almost certain that it will not be the best possible result. Why? Let us better explain how to adjust our expectations and, above all, how to communicate openly with the artist we choose.

The person in the picture is unique

Most of the time there are photos of stars in vogue at that moment, because stars are the first to introduce or follow a trend. Plus, we love them so much for their charm and talents! It is natural to want a presence that we see on the red carpet and we strongly believe that anyone can show millions with artists, but that help goes further than haircut or color itself.

The person in the picture is unique. Facial conformation, hair and skin type, silhouette, and even personality are unique to that being, and each of these features has been taken into account when deciding on the look. Because this is the true craftsmanship of an artist in beauty: to see which option best suits his client at the time. Even if you manage to be arranged by the stylist team of the star in the photo, it does not mean that you will have exactly “her features”.

Inspiration vs Copy 

We agree that bringing a picture to the artist always helps, because it’s the easiest and most effective way to explain what you really want. But that photograph must serve only as inspiration instead of supreme purpose. The artist will have a reference and, most importantly, can now start talking more easily.

The most important part of the meeting with the artist in beauty is the preliminary discussion. You do not mind telling what you want, but wait for small or big adjustments. Together, you will answer some questions. What do you like exactly about that look? How well do you manage to keep that style and how long you have it? What are your natural traits and what treatments have you applied? Finally, may or may not you have a look like in the picture?

The artist is there to give you tips and adjust the look of your own face. That’s his domain. Trust the artist’s expertise and be open to discussion with the artist. The truth will always yield the best results.

Choose a style which represents you

If you need a miracle recipe to always look incredible, it would be: Choose a style that represents you. When you feel natural with the way you look, your mood aligns with your look and the result will be a harmonious and effective one. And, above all, self-confidence is something that will give you a beauty that is hard to imitate and reproduce.

We are tempted to define beauty through canons and clichés, but it will always spring from the harmony of your interior and exterior. A style that fits you really will look incredibly on you, it will fit you like a glove.

So next time you go to an artist in beauty, show them a reference picture and then forget about it, because together you will find the style that suits you best. And, guaranteed, you will step out of the location with a fresh attitude and the confidence that you are really beautiful!

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